The Donald Art Co Catalog

The Donald Art Company published art prints by the Old European Masters as well as contemporary artists of the time. Their list of artists included such famous names as Norman Rockwell, Robert Wood, George Buckett, Gig, Eden, Salvador Dali, Florence Kroger, Warner Sallman, K Chin, Rico Tomaso, Edward Runci, Maxine Runci, Lumen Winter and many many others. 

The Donald Art Company had long term relationships with some of their artists, including Robert Wood who was popular for his lovely scenic paintings. At the peak of his popularity, Robert Wood was said to be the most popular artist in the history of reproduction. His prints sold in greater quantities than those of of the Old Masters or the French Impressionists. (source CLICK HERE  )

The Donald Art Company had a lot to do with Robert Wood's incredible worldwide popularity. A great artist and a great art publisher made an impressive team! The Donald Art Company collection included many of the most-favored artists from the mid-1900's.

DAC art prints were sold in many sizes from small to large. Whatever you needed for your wall, Donald Art Company had a size to fit the space.

DAC images on this website came from 60's and 70's catalogs. As a result, our DAC "sampler" is a marvelous display of artists and styles from that era. You'll notice a lot of red, orange and brown which were the fad colors of the time.

Donald Art Company also made (or imported) lithos of European masterpieces, but I have included very few in this internet Sampler because there are art sites online which can provide better examples of the Old Masters. A Penn Prints catalog mentioned the Shorewood Collection, which was a selection of Old Masterpieces and was apparently offered to art publishers. I assume these were ready-to-sell art prints, and the publisher just needed to add their own ID to them. I haven't been able to find additional information about the Shorewood Collection so it would be interesting to know what the arrangement was.

Penn Prints and the Donald Art Company had very similar product lines. I have even wondered if DAC purchased Penn Prints in the late 1960's or early 70's, but they may have been acquired by Harlem Book Publishers too. (There are a lot of unanswered questions about these publishing companies, and perhaps the answers will pop up eventually.) 

The Donald Art Company sold paper art prints or prints glued to cardboard backing, but I'm not sure if they sold any of their prints in frames. DAC prints are often found in packages with frames, but I don't know whether DAC did the framing or if a third party did it. I know that manufacturing companies and art dealers did purchase Donald Art prints to resell as ready-to-hang pictures or as decoupage plaques.

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